Vexed Sims, Bite-Sized

Got a bit tired of watching Mary pointlessly fool around - I should be saving those shenanigans for the story currently sitting as a savegame and a folder full of notes on Google Docs (Question, other story writers!  Do you have piles of scribbles and outlines for your sim-story, or do you just wing it?)

And it occurred to me that while I love World Adventures travel, I’ve never actually explored all the tombs.  My sims always got distracted by moving on to the next generation or my town going kerput or something.  Doing this thing I’ve never done sounded like a worthwhile pastime.

Enter Gail Zephyr.  A random sim-girl I made whose looks might better belong in the 80s, but I like ‘em anyway.  She thinks exploring tombs ranks right up there with playing with fire and yelling at people for no reason.  The perfect candidate for the job.

So I plopped her in this tiny but awesomely surreal world with a small handful of neighbors - just enough to give her someone to talk to between trips and entertain me with story Progression notices about their exploits - and got to it.

Here’s a selection of pics from yesterday’s simming.

  1. vigmed said: It is going to bug me cause I can’t remember but she reminds me of someone from something. Anyhoo, I like her! Looks like she’ll be fun to play.
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